Realty Technician 3

Company Name:
This contract position provides support to the Supervisory Realty Specialist (TERR-SOUTH REGION) and is located at the BPA Alvey Substation, Eugene, OR. This position is responsible for coordinating land management and acquisition issues for Real Property Field Services, as well as coordinating activities related to eliminating or modifying encroachments located within BPA's transmission line rights-of-way corridors. This position coordinates land management, acquisition and construction activities as a liaison between the Transmission Field (TF) and Transmission Engineering (TE) organizations, as well as the landowners and other BPA representatives.
This position is NOT open to Foreign National Candidates.
Position Responsibilities include but not limited to:
Supports the primary Alvey Realty Specialist in activities related to acquisition for capital projects and land management. May participate in public meeting process and other activities related to the support of acquisition and land management.
Reviews and analyzes BPA property rights and private property ownership reports for use in managing BPA's land use requests.
Provides routine courthouse real estate research including ownership, land rights, property descriptions, zoning, land use planning, etc.
Reviews real estate related agreements for compliance.
Plans, develops, implements and administers routine property management cases, (not initially identified as being complex or politically sensitive).
Works with applicants to provide adequate information on land use applications to include site visits, property owner meetings, and other field research as required.
Utilizes existing document templates and established processes to prepare Land Use Agreements utilizing information gathered or provided to assure that BPA land rights are maintained. Recommends modifications to document templates to accommodate unique situations.
Provides Land Use Applications, Stay Alive videos and miscellaneous BPA literature to the general public, other governmental agencies and private industry. Conducts presentations as needed, and answer questions as they relate to BPA processes and procedures.
Prepares various land use documents relating to the land management function within BPA.
Investigates reports of encroachments on BPA land and rights-of-way; determines BPA's position on encroachments in coordination with a Supervisory or Senior Realty Specialist and communicates the appropriate action BPA will take for their removal, modification, or sanctioned use.
Closes case files and prepares file for closing transmittal, to include purging the file when case is complete, input, updating and verifying information into LIS, and preparing closing sheet.
Utilizes Metroscan, various county internet web sites, LIS, TView2, ProjectWise, TLM APPS, as well as Application Extender.
Performs other related tasks as requested, including but not limited to copying, mail delivery, faxing, report collations and document assembly.
Receives application fees and processes as appropriate.
Obtains permission to enter private property for routine land acquisitions either by contacting the landowner directly or requesting permission to enter the property through the mail.
Under the guidance of a BPA realty Specialist (federal employee), presents pre-approved settlement offers to landowners and stakeholders based on market value, or other negotiated amounts. Prepares and obtains deeds and other conveyances to effect such settlements and obtains the necessary documentation to make payments to landowners for the rights acquired. Drafts justifications to exceed market value, when such recommendations are in the best interest of BPA. The justifications are submitted to the Supervisory Realty Specialist for review and approval.
Informs BPA Manager or BPA Realty Specialist of potential condemnation and provides supervisor with documentation of all previous communication with landowner. Serves as expert witness if necessary as determined by BPA legal counsel or the Department of Justice.
Serves as a liaison on construction projects between various organizations within BPA and landowners before, during and after the construction process. Duties as liaison include keeping appropriate project team members, and other BPA representatives with a need to know, informed of landowner issues/concerns that may impact the project design or schedule.
Reviews and analyzes title policies and documents and initiates steps to remove routine objectionable items, subject to approval by BPA legal counsel.
Answers telephone and responds to real estate questions from the public including landowners, developers, public agencies, and utility companies regarding documented policy of proposed uses of BPA's right-of-ways. Typically these assignments will be general in nature but can be responded to with assistance of a Supervisory or Senior Realty Specialist
Provides real estate support to the Region's maintenance and construction staff regarding landowner notifications, landowner issues, names and addresses, and providing land right information.
Position Requirements:
High School Diploma or equivalent required.
Bachelor's degree preferred.
5 - 6 years of direct work experience in land acquisition and land management capacity, including all aspects of process development, planning and execution is required. .
Professional knowledge of the principles, practices, techniques, and underlying concepts of Real Property Services, which may include Geospatial Services, Survey and Mapping, Real Property Field Services, Realty Support Services, or experience coordinating projects that include these support services is required.
Knowledge of land management and acquisition templates is required.
Assertive communication skills required, both verbal and written.
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (MS Office 2010 proficiency required)
LIS and, Application Extender and ProjectWise experience is required.
General Requirements:
Knowledge of real estate documents including but not limited to: Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Quit Claim Deeds, Liens, property title reports, and assessor/treasurer property information reports
Knowledge of the general concepts of real estate management which may include geospatial services (GIS), survey and mapping, LIDAR imagery, or obtaining information from title companies/county courthouses.
Additional Requirements:
Travel will be required - up to 50% of the time.
Required to obtain a Notary License/Commission/Appointment for the State of Oregon and/or Washington within 60 days of date of employment.
Valid state driver's license required.
Must be able walk, bend, stoop and hike over rough terrain.
Transportation by automobile, airplane, train or boat may be required.
This position may be eligible for situational offsite work, subject to the completion of a Supplemental Labor Offsite Work Memorandum of Understanding.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required:
First Aid/CPR Certification is required.
Performance Expectations:
Demonstrate excellent customer service skills
Carry out assigned tasks with a professional demeanor.
Follow established BPA processes and procedures.
ASTM F2413-11, Class 75EH rated footwear with over-the-ankle, lace up, and rigid sole and heel for field work.
White Hard Hat.
Become familiar with and follow the safety practices of the BPA Accident Prevention Manual.

Don't Be Fooled

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